Air Conditioning Repairs

Costa Del Solutions can repair air conditioning units. Using specialised equipment and expertise faulty units can be diagnosed and where applicable repaired. In rare occasions where parts can not be repaired or replaced recommendations can be made on a replacement unit, taking into account correct sizing of unit and cosmetic appearance.

AC Replacement PCB

Control Board

Air Conditioning Control Boards or circuit boards can fail due to a number of reasons, on The Costa Del Sol a common reason is mains electricity spikes. Other reasons can include poorly serviced equipment or simply a general failure.

Costa Del Solutions can fault find and diagnose control boards offering a competitive repair/replacement solution. 

Air Con Gas Refill

Gas Refill

Air conditioners and heat pumps are designed as a closed, hermetically sealed system - however all systems can leak a minuscule amount over time that should not require top up.

When a system requires a top up then first a leak detection process must be followed, any leaking systems by law must be repaired.

Costa Del Solutions use sophisticated leak detection equipment to find any leaking gas prior to stopping the leak and then topping up the system.

Custom Air Con Controls Estepona

Leaking water

Blocked or disconnected system drainage is the most common reason for water leaks.
Low refrigerant charge can cause excessive internal freezing while the system is running, this turns to water which can cause leakage.
Dirty filters can block the air from penetrating through the filter. When the air can't go through the filter it starts to freeze. As previously discussed, once the ice melts the water then drips.
Duct and pipe work that was either not insulated, or not insulated properly can condensate and leak water.

Replacement Air Con Parts Fujitsu

Replacement Parts

After diagnosing a faulty part Costa Del Solutions can source replacements from all major manufacturers.

Parts for budget import brands and systems older than 10 years can be more difficult to find – however we have a large connection pool and will endeavour to provide a solution.

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